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7 Best Upright Wet Dry Vacuum You Can Trust To Make The Floor Smile

An upright wet-dry vacuum cleaner is functional, delivers superior suction, and has a wide cleaning path. Due to these features, you can pick up both wet & dry messes from a large space within a short time. But, finding the best upright wet-dry vacuum for a home seems to be a pain in the neck. 

You can find a ton of options in the market. Not all of them come with the same specifications. So, it may bog you down and make the buying session longer. You can even go with the wrong one. 

To help you out, our editorial team reviewed hundreds of products and picked the top 7 upright wet-dry vacs from there. They recommended those wet-dry vacuum cleaners based on these criteria- suction power, multi-surface cleaning ability, runtime, maneuverability, and more. 

So, we bet any wet-dry vacs from the list will meet your cleaning requirements. Without further ado, let’s check out the list. 

Top 7 Best Upright Wet Dry Vacuum In 2022

After researching hundreds of products in the market, these 7 wet-dry upright vacuum cleaners melt the hearts of our research team. Let’s check the list to discover what convinces our editorial team to recommend those vacuums. 

01. Cellay All in One Upright Vacuum Cleaner and Mop– Best for Hard Floors

Cellay All-in-One Upright Vacuum Cleaner and Mop is the best wet-dry vacuum for hardwood floors. It features an ultra-quiet and powerful 256 motors, delivering superior suction. Tough & sticky messes now fail to stick with your surface as this wet-dry vac just removes from the hard floor like a champ. Turns out, this vac-mop combo can clean up accidents, footprints, and dirt optimally to leave your dirty floor fresh & dirt-free. 

upright wet dry vacuum

Key Features

Vacuum & Wash: Forget about your nanny’s cleaning workflow: sweep the floor first and mop the surface later. This cordless wet-dry vac can vacuum and wash your floor at once, sucking away both wet and dry messes. 

Two-Tank Technology: The Cellay vac-mop combo has two separate tanks. A tank stores fresh water and the other one collects dirty water. In simple words, the freshwater tank keeps the dirty water separate, ensuring you clean the surface with clean water only. 

Hair Strainer: This feature is indispensable for homeowners living with pets. The hair strainer collects pet hair from the surface and keeps hair separate from other debris. It reduces sink clogging & makes it a breeze to empty the vacuum. 

Multi-surface Cleaning: Though the wet-dry vac is specially designed for hard floors, you can find it effective on several surface types. From tile to other sealed wood floors, it allows you to suck away debris from every floor type. You can even refresh area rugs with this vacuum cleaner. Indeed, it’s the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner for home. 

Lightweight & Maneuverable: The unit is cordless and lightweight. So, it’s a breeze to lift the vacuum & carry- even you can bring it up and downstairs with ease. Therefore, you can maneuver this vacuum to every corner and tight space of your home, making your cleaning workflow quicker and more effective. 

Advanced Digital Display: Now, you can get every information you need to help. The digital display will let you know about the battery life, power level, self-cleaning function, and obstructions. Indeed, you can monitor everything in this vacuum. 

Self-Cleaning System: You don’t need to touch the dirty roller with your hand anymore to clean it after the cleaning workflow. Just touch on the self-clean button, and this vacuum cleans the roller itself, keeping the system fresh & clean. 

What We Love:

  • No need to touch the dirt roller due to the self-cleaning feature
  • Cordless and lightweight design makes it breeze to maneuver
  • Advanced digital display allows you to monitor the entire unit
  • Deliver unmatched suction to pick up wet & dry messes from multiple surfaces

What We Don’t:

  • It would be best if the unit stayed upright while charging.

    ☞ The placement of the cord in the bottom doesn’t allow it. 

02. Quantum X Upright Water Filter VacuumThe Best Bagless Household Vac

If budget is optional to you and cleaning efficiency is mandatory, don’t take your eyes off the Quantum X Upright Water Filter Vacuum. It is premium in cleaning multiple floor types, picking up wet & dry messes, and filtering the air out. Check out the ‘Key Features’ section to learn every in and out of this bagless upright wet-dry vacuum cleaner. 

The Best Bagless Household Vac

Key Features

Use No Traditional Filter: Forget about your traditional household vacuum cleaner with a filter. It has no filter. So, there is no fear of changing a clogged filter and losing the suction. This advanced vacuum cleaner uses tap water as a filter to capture dirt, debris, germs, and bacteria. When you finish the cleaning workflow, just pour out the polluted water after each use. And refill it with water when you want to clean the floor. 

Multi-surface Cleaning: The Quantum X is specially engineered to work on every floor type. It automatically adjusts its suction and height to transition between hardwood to carpet without losing suction. In return, you can pick up both spills and dry messes efficiently to leave the floor crystal clean

Ultimate Maneuverability: The telescoping body of this vacuum allows you to detach the unit with ease. Due to the detachable body, you will get a 4-inch clearance to reach an extra 18-inch under nook & cranny. In return, you can pick up hidden dirt & debris from hard-to-reach areas like under furniture. 

Pick Up Wet & Dry Messes: Unlike your conventional vacuum cleaner, this wet-dry vac picks up spills like a sponge. Since the Quantum uses water as a filter, it can suck away wet messes. And the best part is- you can even capture dry dirt & debris, pet hair, and pet accidents with this multi-functional vacuum cleaner. 

Eliminate Odor: The Quantum X features MicroSilver technology to neutralize the condition of odor in your home. This feature is helpful for allergy-sensitive people. The water filtration system traps every fine dust, dirt, and particle and purifies the air. In return, you will get fresh air to breathe that doesn’t affect your health. 

What We Love:

  • No suction loss will occur as it doesn’t get clogged 
  • Purify the air optimally by capturing fine dirt & particles
  • Eliminate odor and keep the interior air fresh
  • Adjust the suction automatically to clean every floor type

What We Don’t:

  • It’s a bit heavy making it challenging for a senior citizen to lug it around. 

03. Adoric Life Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner– Best Budget

If you are on a budget but want to get a vacuum that doesn’t sacrifice quality, go for the Adoric Life Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner. It provides up to 25 minutes of cleaning time to cover your entire room with a single charge. Plus, this vacuum has two cleaning modes for regular & deep cleaning the surface. 

Key Features

Two Cleaning Mode: Eco and Max are two cleaning modes you can find on this upright wet-dry vacuum. Using the Eco mode, you can perform regular cleaning workflows. On the other hand, the Max mode will deliver superior suction to pick up sticky wet & dry messes from the surface.

Dual-Tank Technology: It has two tanks- one for storing clean water and the other one for collecting dirty water. Due to this, you can mop the floor with fresh water only. And when it comes to empty, just pour out the dirty water. 

One-Touch Water Spray: You can control how much water you need to spray on the floor to mop the surface. So, there is little to no chance to flood your floor by over-spraying the surface. 

Long Battery Life: Its 3000mAh battery delivers 25 minutes of nonstop cleaning time. With a single charge, you can cover your entire floor by picking up both wet & dry messes. And the best part is- the batteries are replaceable. So, you can extend the lifespan of the vacuum to clean the surface without interruptions. 

Self-Cleaning Feature: Just tap on the self-cleaning button and allow the unit to clean the roller brush & tube without touching them. After one-step cleaning, take the brush out and keep it on the drying tray to let it dry. 

What We Love:

  • Deliver enough suction to remove sticky dirt & debris from the surface
  • Self-cleaning system makes it a breeze to clean the unit
  • Comes with a HEPA filter to capture fine dirt & particles

What We Don’t:

  • Some users complain that it can’t capture pet hair optimally.


04. Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean– Best Overall

Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean is the best upright wet-dry vacuum for the home. This powerful corded vacuum provides the unmatched suction power to pick up sticky & stubborn messes with ease. Check out the ‘Key Features’ section to learn why we ranked it as best overall. 

upright wet dry vacuum reviews

Key Features

Due-Clean Technology: The Shark Apex Upright Vacuum Cleaner has two brush rolls- a bristle brushroll and a soft front brushroll. You can pick up embedded & sticky dirt from the carpet floor due to the bristle brush. On the other hand, the soft front brushroll will allow you to suck away dirt & debris to leave the floor with a sparkling look. 

Lift-away Design: Thanks to its detachable design. You can detach the pod from the unit and maneuver it under furniture to pick dirt and debris. You can also convert it as a handheld vacuum to clean the upholstery and high areas. Regarding this, just detach the pod and attach the upholstery tool to pick up dirt from high spaces. Turns out, it features a crevice tool to capture dirt from every nook & cranny of your home. 

Active-Glide Technology: Due to this feature, you can glide this vacuum cleaner both on the hard and carpeted floor without losing suction. So, you will get the power to get rid of messes optimally. 

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal: This technology works the HEPA filter to trap & capture 99.9% of dust and allergens down to 0.3 microns. It’s a great feature for allergy-sensitive people as this vacuum keeps the interior air fresh for breathing. 

LED Headlights: Now, dirt and debris can’t hide in dark areas like under the bed or sofa. The powerful lights on the nozzle reveal the hidden dust & dirt and allow you to pick them up. Indeed, every area of your home now will remain dirt-free. 

What We Love:

  • Detachable design allows you to convert it as a hand-held vacuum to clean hard-to-reach areas
  • Self-cleaning brushroll cleans itself and the brushroll doesn’t get tangled up with hair
  • Convenient to maneuver due to the anti-glide technolog

What We Don’t:

  • Detachable design allows you to convert it as a hand-held vacuum to clean hard-to-reach areas
  • Self-cleaning brushroll cleans itself and the brushroll doesn’t get tangled up with hair
  • Convenient to maneuver due to the anti-glide technology

05. Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner– Best for Pet

Bissell Crosswave Pet-Pro 2306A is the best wet-dry vacuum cleaner for pets. It features a tangle-free brushroll, which helps pick up pet hair like a charm. So, you don’t need to worry about the annoying pet hair as it sucks away all of them. 

best for pet

Key Features

On-Demand Spray Trigger: The on-demand spray trigger will let you control how much amount of water you need to spray on the floor. So, just press on the trigger, and the solution coming out of the spray will dissolve the sticky dirt and allow you to remove them. 

Vacuum and Wash: This cleaning machine can pick up dry and wet messes from the surface like a pro. So, you don’t need to be concerned about the spills on the floor as this vacuum can suck them away. 

Two-Tank Technology: It has two tanks- a tank for storing clean water and the other one for collecting dirty water. In other words, two tanks keep clean and dirty water separate to ensure you tidy up the surface with clean water only. 

Multi-surface Cleaning: You can use this wet-dry vacuum on every floor type to pick up both dry & wet messes. You can find a fingertip button on the end of the handle to switch hard floors to area rugs. You can also clean other floor types like tile & sealed wood surfaces. 

What We Love:

  • Tangle-free brushroll doesn’t get wrapped with pet hair
  • Include pet multi-surface cleaning solution to remove odor from your home
  • Pet hair strainer keeps the hair and other debris separate to reduce sink clogs

What We Don’t:

  • Many users concern about the longevity of the unit due to its plastic construction

06. ACEKOOL Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner– Best Multipurpose

ACEKOOL Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is the best multi-purpose upright wet-dry vacuum cleaner on this list. It has two cleaning modes to clean every surface type efficiently. Therefore, this wet-dry vac delivers power suction for multiple surfaces- hardwood floors, tile, laminate, area rugs, and more. 

Key Features

Two Cleaning Modes: You can choose any cleaning mode (Eco or Max) depending on your cleaning needs. Choose the Eco mode if you want to clean tile & wood surfaces, and you don’t need to deep-clean the floor. In contrast, set the cleaning mode to Max if there is tough & sticky debris on the floor. 

Spraying Button: The spray button will allow you to control how much amount of water you need to spray according to your cleaning requirements. You can find the spraying button under the handle. Just tap on the button, and it will produce the right amount of water for cleaning the surface.

Lightweight & No Cord: This unit is cordless and lightweight. In return, you can carry it everywhere in your home and clean the area you want. Therefore, its compact design fits tight corners and lets you pick up wet and dry messes from there. 

Washable Filter: The HEPA pet hair filter is washable. You can pull it out from the unit and wash it to make it ready for the next use. Therefore, this filter can capture dust and pet hair to prevent the dirty water tank from getting clogged. 

Convenient LED Display: This feature allows you to monitor the vacuum performance and status. You can now learn about battery status, which cleaning mode you choose, and know the water tank status. It will also let you know if there are obstructions. 

Self-Cleaning Function: Just tap on the self-cleaning button, and the wet-dry vac will flush out its dirt, hair, and debris from the brush. Indeed, you don’t need to touch the dirty brushroll again after each cleaning workflow. 

What We Love:

  • Convenient to charge the battery as it has two charging methods
  • Simple to clean the unit powered by self-cleaning function
  • Come with two washable filters
  • Easy to maneuver as this unit is cordless and lightweight

What We Don’t:

  • Some users wish for the battery to last longer.

07. VMAI Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner– Best Lightweight

VMAI Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is the best lightweight vacuum on this list. It is only 5.5 pounds, and the unit is cordless. So, maneuvering the wet-dry vac from one room to another is simple. Indeed, you can bring this vacuum everywhere without any hassle and clean the surface as you go. 

best lightweight vacuum

Key Features

Multi-surface Floor Washer: You can apply this wet-dry vacuum on multiple floors including, hardwood floor, tile floor, and marble floor. Therefore, it features a rug brush. You can pick up dirt from area rugs by attaching the rug brush with the unit. 

Two-Tank Technology: This lightweight wet-dry vacuum has two tanks (clean & dirty). The clean water tank holds 680 ml of clean water to clean the surface with fresh water for an extended time. The dual tank technology keeps the freshwater separate from dirty water. 

Long Battery Life: You can enjoy cordless cleaning convenience with up to 35 minutes of total runtime. However, the runtime may vary depending on your usage and the cleaning mode you choose for cleaning. The best part is- the battery is replaceable. It means you can bring back life to the unit after years of use by changing the batteries. 

Self-cleaning Feature: Forget about the old style of cleaning the dirty brushroll with your hands! This unit comes with a self-cleaning function. Just touch on the self-cleaning button, and this unit starts flushing out dirt, hair, and debris from the brush & tube after each use.

What We Love

  • Cordless & lightweight design makes it a breeze to carry the unit upstairs and downstairs with ease
  • 3-in-1 docking station for the charge, clean, and store the unit
  • Convenient to clean the unit due to the self-cleaning function

What We Don’t:

  • It would be best if this unit comes with a bit of heavy brush roll for the tough spots. 

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Upright Wet-Dry Vacuum

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are a blessing to every homeowner. But sometimes, we fail to enjoy the benefits of having a wet-dry vacuum due to going for the wrong one. Fortunately, you will never make the same mistake again if you consider the following criteria before picking an upright wet-dry vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning Efficiency

How efficiently a wet-dry vacuum cleaner can make the floor spotless depends on multiple factors. Among them, the suction power of a vacuum matters the most. It will determine how competently you can suck away wet and dry messes. 

The more suction a vacuum will deliver, the more power you will get to remove stubborn dirt from a surface. 

Regarding this, you can go for the Cellay All in One Upright Vacuum Cleaner and Mop. Its ultra-quiet 256 motor produces superior suction to pick up both wet & dry messes like a charm. 

Multi-surface Cleaning Ability

Most upright vacuum cleaning machines on this list can pick up wet & dry messes from multiple surfaces. All of them adjust the suction automatically for transition between floor types. So, you don’t need to worry if you have carpeted and hard surface areas in your home. 


A long runtime matters a lot if you choose a cordless vacuum to bring in your home. Due to the long battery life, you can clean your room for an extended time. So, no space will be unreached to pick up dirt & debris. In the case of runtime, you can go for the VMAI Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner. It delivers cordless cleaning convenience with up to 35 minutes of runtime. 


How easy it is to lug around the upright vacuum will also determine the cleaning efficiency. A portable design will help carry the unit from room to room with ease and allow you to pick up dirt & dust as you go. Fortunately, we enlisted several cordless wet-dry vacuum cleaners. You can choose any of them for carrying convenience. However, we recommend you choose the VMAI Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner most as it is cordless and lightweight. So, you don’t need to put a lot of elbow grease to bring the vacuum around your home. 

LED Display

Most of you may think of the LED Display of a vacuum cleaner as a bell and whistle. But it’s a practical feature if you choose a cordless wet-dry vacuum. The LED display lets you know when the battery life comes to an end, water tank state, fault prompt, and so on. So, take this feature into account while purchasing a cordless vacuum cleaner. 

Tank Capacity

A vacuum with a large tank capacity also directly impacts cleaning efficiency. You don’t need to refill or empty the tank if you choose a vacuum cleaner that can hold a lot of clean & dirty water. In other words, a wet-dry vac with a large tank delivers you uninterrupted cleaning workflows. 

Self Cleaning Feature

Don’t forget to check whether the wet-dry vacuum includes the self-cleaning function or not. It will help you clean the dirty brushroll and tube itself without touching those components with your hand. Fortunately, most upright wet-dry vacuums on this list feature this automatic cleaning system. 

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Upright vs Canister vs Stick vacuum

From this chapter, you can learn about the differences between upright, canister, and stick vacuum cleaners. Each of them has upsides and downsides. 


The design of the three types of vacuum cleaners makes them apart. The upright vacuum cleaner has everything like the cleaning head, dust bin, and handles in one unit. You can find both corded and cordless upright vacuum cleaners in the market. 

On the other hand, the canister vacuum has a horizontal design. Its cleaning head is connected with the dirt chamber and the motor via flexible hoses. 

Lastly, the design of stick vacuums is similar to the upright vacuums. But this type of vacuum is more compact and lightweight.

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Suction Power

How efficiently a vacuum cleaner can pick up wet & dry messes from the surface will depend on the suction it produces. The higher the suction, the more efficiently you can suck away debris & spills. Regarding this, we recommend you go for the upright or canister vacuum instead of a stick vacuum. Due to the compact design of a stick vacuum, there is less space to install a powerful motor.

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Debris Holder Capacity

Both upright and canister vacuums come with a large dirt tank capacity compared to the stick vacuum. So, you don’t need to empty the debris holder frequently, which will quicken the cleaning workflow. But the stick vacuum has a low-capacity dirt holder. Consequently, you need to spend more time emptying the dirt tank than cleaning the floor.

Quiet Operation

A canister vacuum will beat both upright and stick vac cleaners in terms of quiet operation. The average canister vac cleaner is rated by 60-65 decibels. But most upright vacuum cleaners rate around 70 decibels. So, go for the canister vacuum if you don’t want to disturb your child or pet. 


A stick vacuum cleaner is the most portable vacuum cleaners in the market. Its sleek and compact design makes it transportable compared to upright and canister vacuum cleaners. You can lug the stick vac around with ease.


Is a stick vacuum better than an upright?

Upright vacuum cleaners deliver superior suction and come with a large cleaning head to pick up dirt & debris optimally within a short time. On the other hand, a stick offers less suction, but its compact design makes it a breeze to lug around.

Can stick vacuum replace upright?

No, stick vacuum can’t replace upright vacuum cleaners in terms of cleaning efficiency. The upright vacuums offer superior suction to pick up tough and stick dirt from the surface to leave your floor sparkling clean.

Are upright vacuums better?

Upright vacuum cleaners deliver unmatched suction power to pick up dirt, dust, and spills from every floor type. Plus, it’s less pricey compared to the canister vacuum. Therefore, the upright wet-dry vac has a large cleaning path to clean larger areas within a short time.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean is the best wet-dry upright vacuum cleaner on this list. Its due-clean technology allows you to pick up both wet & dry messes from both hard and carpeted floors without losing suction. Plus, you can convert it as a hand-held vacuum to clean tight corners and high places. 

On the other hand, you can go with the Quantum X Upright Water Filter Vacuum if the budget doesn’t matter to you. 

Lastly, we recommend the Adoric Life Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner most if you are on a budget. 

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