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Can I Use A Regular Vacuum On Wet Carpets? – Is it safe?

A vacuum cleaner is a great tool for drying wet carpets. The sucking technology of vacuum cleaners is incredible for taking water from the carpet. Unfortunately, all vacuum cleaners aren’t manufactured for drying your carpet precisely. So, can I use a regular vacuum on wet carpets? 

No, using a regular vacuum cleaner isn’t the right choice to apply on the wet carpet. Using a regular vacuum cleaner may resolve your problem one time. But, your vacuum cleaner will face severe damage and it may not work properly. 

That’s why you need to use a vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning support. Using a wet and dry vacuum is the right choice for this purpose. Besides, you can go for a shop vacuum to dry the wet carpet. Along with applying a vacuum cleaner, you also need to apply some tricks to dry the carpet faster.

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Can I Use A Regular Vacuum On Wet Carpets?

So, this part deals with the popular methods of cleaning the wet carpet. All the methods are simple and straightforward and you can pick according to your convenience. 

Using a wet vacuum

How to clean wet carpet Using wet vacuum
How to clean wet carpet Using wet vacuum

Do you have a wet vacuum or can you manage it somehow? Great, then follow the steps and get rid of the trouble. 

Step:1- Prepare the area

Start with removing furniture and other obstacles from the working area. Now, focus on the surface dust. Extracting them is required along with removing the simple stains

Step:2- Apply the cleaning solution

Read the instructions on the body of the cleaning solution first. Then, prepare the solution inside a spray bottle and spray it carefully. Remember, using an inappropriate solution can discolor the carpet. 

Step:3- Scrub the carpet

Apply a regular scrubber to scrub the carpet perfectly. Never put extra water on the scrubbing areas despite the stains being disposed of.

Step:4- Apply the vacuum

Now, you can plug in your wet vacuum and move on. Move the vacuum cleaner to the wet areas of the carpet to suck water precisely. You need to use the right filters as well as the suction level to the vacuum

The suction level will vary depending on the texture of your carpet. However, your carpet will dry after a few minutes but not properly. Your responsibility is to repeat the process again and again until you get the desired output. 

Drying a carpet using the towel method

how to clean wet carpet Drying a carpet using the towel method
How to clean wet carpet Drying a carpet using the towel method

It’s time to extract water from the carpet using a towel method. Here you know about the steps with elaboration.

Step:1- Put dry towels on wet areas

Your first responsibility is to put dry towels on the wet areas of the carpet. Dry towels will absorb as much water as they can from the carpet. 

Step:2- Vacuum the wet carpet

Now, pick a vacuum that is a pro at soaking water from the surface. Run it from one side to another side of the carpet. Don’t let an inch of wet carpet go without vacuuming. Your prime target is collecting as much water as you can. You need to check the fill tank before overflows. If there is plenty of water on the carpet, you may have to dump the tank several times. 

Step:3- Evaporate moisture

Grab a fan and point it towards the wet surfaces of the carpet. After a certain time, lift the carpet and check the opposite part. If it’s not dry yet, try to evaporate that part also. For better results, let sunlight come to dry the carpet. 

Blowing air between carpet and padding

How to clean wet catrpet Blowing air between carpet and padding
How to clean wet catrpet Blowing air between carpet and padding

This method is almost similar to the previous one. The main difference is that this method uses the hot air from the vacuum hose to dry the carpet. Let’s see how it works. 

Step:1- Move obstacles from the wet areas

There might be a few heavy or light pieces of furniture or something else on the wet carpet. The first move is to replace them somewhere else. Otherwise, you can’t vacuum water properly and the carpet won’t dry quickly. 

Step:2- Start extracting water

You have two options extract water from the surface of the carpet. The first one is about using a vacuum cleaner. Like the previous method, put towels on the wet surfaces to soak water first. Then, apply the vacuum cleaner and let the carpet dry after a certain time. The second option is extracting water using a hot water extraction unit. Whatever you use, ensure that it can back you up until you’re done with water extraction. 

Step:3- Blow air between carpet and padding

Walk across the carpet and notice if you hear the soaping sound. If you hear the sound, then lift the carpet and attach a vacuum hose. Flow hot air through the hose and wait for drying the carpet appropriately. 

Using dehumidifier 

How to clean wet carpet Using dehumidifier
How to clean wet carpet Using dehumidifier

Why don’t you use the dehumidifier for better output? You’ll know the correct process of using it from this section. 

Step:1- Apply vacuum

Before using the dehumidifier, you need to soak additional water from the carpet. A wet-dry vacuum cleaner can assist you in this circumstance. 

Step:2- Remove moisture from the carpet

After getting the place prepared for next-level cleaning, appoint a dehumidifier to dry your carpet. This machine is an expert at absorbing moisture effectively. 

Step:3- Leave the carpet for being dry

A dehumidifier isn’t capable of drying a carpet exactly how much dry you want. So, put the carpet at room temperature and let the humidity decrease naturally. Your carpet will dry after a few hours.

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How to Dry Wet Carpet After Cleaning?

How to Dry Wet Carpet After Cleaning
How to Dry Wet Carpet After Cleaning

It’s possible to dry any carpet after cleaning. Check these tips and get the dry carpet within a day. 

Step:1- Create airflow

Airflow is the best way to remove the wet condition of your carpet. This process may seem lengthy but it works at the end of the day. However, if the air isn’t dry, don’t go for this method. 

Step:2- Utilize air-conditioning system

If it’s a rainy day and the air is wet outside, then you can go for this option. This option isn’t better than using a fan but works slowly. Turn the air-conditioner on and let the carpet dry. 

Step:3- Try blow-dry

This option is used by professional carpet cleaners. The process starts with blowing air to the specific reason of the carpet. After a while, you need to focus on another portion of the carpet, and the process repeats until the whole carpet is dry.

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Here you learn about some relevant questions on using vacuum cleaners to clean a wet carpet. 

Can a regular vacuum dry carpet?

Regular vacuum cleaners are manufactured for soaking water from the surface. Most vacuum cleaners for regular use are designed for applying on the dry carpet. They take dry debris and make the carpet clean. Only the vacuum cleaners approved for wet cleaning are suitable for this work. 

Can you vacuum the wet carpet with a Dyson?

Dyson vacuum cleaner is created for wiping out dry debris from your room. Wet carpets accept only the vacuums that come with wet surface sucking capability. Perhaps, you’ve seen someone vacuum carpet with a Dyson. Though it works, your vacuum cleaner will be damaged sooner or later. 

How Long Does It Take for Wet Carpets to Dry?

It depends on the type of carpet to dry. Usually, it takes 12 to 24 hours to dry a wet carpet. If you can evaporate the moisture from the carpet, then it’ll dry fast. You can use a dehumidifier to decrease the moisture fast.


A wet carpet isn’t a problem unless you extract water from it immediately. The most popular way for extracting water from your carpet is using a vacuum. Your question was- “can I use a regular vacuum on wet carpets?”. Already you’ve known that you need wet cleaning supported vacuums for this purpose. 

So, get a wet cleaning supported vacuum and get it done. Here, you get several methods to perform this action and feel free to pick any of them. If you have cleaned your carpet willingly, then you can also dry it by following our tips. 

However, never try a regular vacuum cleaner unless you want to decrease its performance or damage it forever. If you are in a hurry to dry the carpet, then evaporate the moisture from it. It’ll help you to dry the carpet rapidly.

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