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How to clean a Vax Dual Power Carpet Cleaner after use

Carpet cleaning is a demanding job and requires patience and commitment. However, most people forget to thoroughly clean their machines. Don’t be one of them because you know how vital the machine is to the health of your home.

Here in this article, we discuss how to clean your carpet cleaner and ensure it serves you better for years to come.

How to clean a Vax Dual Power Carpet Cleaner after use

Follow the steps below to thoroughly  clean  your carpet cleaner after use. 

1. Flush The machine after each use.

Fill your clean water tank with warm water, and then set the carpet cleaner in a recline position. Move your carpet cleaner in straight lines on your carpet while pressing the clean button to run it. Release the trigger and press the button once more for 15 seconds as you move the cleaner.

Release the trigger and run the machine without spraying water until it stops suctioning water. Flush it with warm water to remove any residual solution. 

Turn off the carpet cleaner and unplug it from the socket. Wrap its power cord and keep it in a safe place.

2. Clean the dirty water tank.

Remove the dirty water tank and empty the contents in the toilet or outside.

Rinse the water tank with warm water, including underneath and round, to remove debris. Rinse the filter and the top half of the water tank. Remove and clean the clean water tank too.  

3. Clean the floor nozzle.

With the water tank already off your machine, go ahead and remove the floor nozzle. Rinse it under the sink with running water.

Clean the fluid connection using a paper clip. Remove your floor nozzle and clean the section by turning it over. 

Replace your floor nozzle and line up the locking keys correctly. Put back the nozzle and caps and lock them in place by turning the keys. 

4. Clean the brush rolls.

Remove debris from the brush rolls and pop off any fibers or hairs. Turn the rolls to ensure they are spinning freely. Vax Dual Power carpet cleaner manual explains how to remove the brush rolls to clean them better. First, you have to take out the brush roll cover.

5. Clean the attachments with a soft brush.

Separate all Vax Dual Power cleaner attachments and rinse them with water. Put them in a safe place to dry before assembling them back.

6. Clean the cleaner’s suction diverter.

First, unscrew the rear section of the Vax Dual Power carpet cleaner or diverter housing.  You can remove debris present to prevent clog formation. Clean the housing using running water.

Return it in place and screw the back part again to secure it. 

7. Rinse the filters to remove the dirt present.

Inspect the filter for signs of debris or dirt.  Go ahead and rinse the filters using clean water and place them outside to dry.

Inspect the cleaner’s pre-motor filter by opening the top lid, then pull the tab. Consult your manual to know how to pull out the filter.

8. Wash the hose

Suction clean water from a basin, bowl, or faucet to clean your hose. When done, lift one end of the hose, stretch it to clear out all the water, and air dry it outside.

9. Wipe the exterior surface of the cleaner.

Use a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt or debris from the exterior surface of your Vax Dual Power carpet cleaner. Put it in a safe place and allow the machine to thoroughly dry before keeping it in storage.

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10. Rinse the cleaning tool.

Take the cleaning tool from the spray trigger and rinse it under running water. Clean all the dirt from the spray nozzle using a soft brush.

Why should I clean my carpet shampooer?

Vax Dual Power carpet cleaner is designed to thoroughly clean your carpet. It’s relatively affordable and comes with plenty of cleaning features. Vax Dual power is highly effective in stain removal and spot cleaning.

After cleaning your carpet, ensure you clean the carpet cleaner to ensure it continues to work properly. Proper maintenance of your carpet cleaner prolongs its service life and saves you from unnecessary expenses. Maintenance service includes thoroughly cleaning your Vax Dual power carpet cleaner every time you use it.

Besides, proper cleaning ensures no dirt accumulating on various parts, resulting in rust, friction, and damage.

What are the safety precautions?

  • First, the Vax Dual Power carpet shampooer is for household use, not industrial or commercial.   Use the carpet cleaner indoors and ensure you work in a well-lit room.
  • Keep your loose hairs, fingers,  and loose clothing away from openings and the moving parts when using the carpet cleaner. 
  • Never let children handle the machine without supervision.
  • Test your carpets for pile distortion and colorfastness before starting and only use recommended solutions and tools. 

What makes Vax Dual Power carpet cleaner the best

  • The machine is easy to move around thanks to its lightweight. The wide floor head feature makes it easy to cover large areas in record time without feeling fatigued in your wrists and arms.
  • It’s durable and built using lightweight materials, and can withstand rough handling.
  • Most importantly, the carpet cleaner has a flexible and maneuverable head that helps clean difficult-to-reach areas like crevices and curves.
  • The cleaner comes with a stretching hose and a scrub tool for cleaning upholstery and other exterior surfaces.
  • The floor head has a set of small brushes and a roller brush that does clean by rotating on the floor.
  • The dual brushes create a 360-degree cleaning pattern that removes even the toughest stains off the carpet in the ultimate scrubbing pattern. 
  • The long hose and hand tool makes cleaning couches, chairs, and stains easy. The hand tool uses advanced rotating brush technology to get stains off the carpet.
  • The suction slot draws dirty water and sucks up maximum water to accelerate drying. The process increases efficiency and ensures that your carpet smells fresh afterward.
  • Vax Dual Power carpet shampooer has a separate wand hose to tackle tougher stains by spraying a stronger water jet. Make sure you treat the stains before you start cleaning.

How reliable is the Vax Dual Power carpet cleaner?

If you want the most powerful carpet cleaner for deep cleaning or removing embedded dirt, then Vax Dual power shampooer is your best bet. 

It comes with a handheld upholstery attachment and hose for scrubbing hard-to-reach areas. The shampooer handles hard floors and carpets effectively like a squeegee tool.

Besides, it’s easy to assemble after cleaning the machine. Most importantly, the machine has a second foot pedal allowing you to tilt it back to thoroughly clean the carpet.

How do I test for colorfastness?

Pour the cleaning solution on a white absorbent cloth and gently rub it on your carpet, upholstery, or rug in a small area. Wait 10 minutes, then check the area for color removal. 

Alternatively, bleed the area using a  white cloth or paper towel. If the carpet has multiple colors, check all of them.

Bottom line:

Ensure you follow safety precautions to avoid damaging your machine or hurting yourself. Vax Dual Power carpet shampooer is easy to assemble and thoroughly cleans your carpet. 

Always clean the machine after use to enjoy long-term service and quality carpet cleaning. Also, use recommended solutions for effective results. 

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