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Does Steam Cleaning Remove Limescale?

In our beloved kitchen and comfortable washroom, we all observe one thing highly, and that is the limescale or water stain. However, after reading this composition, you will be able to take a breath without worrying about those unwanted marks. ‘Does steam cleaning remove limescale?’ The response is yes without any further doubt. 

Limescale’s primary elements are calcium and magnesium. The boiling steam is adequate to break the molecule of both and remove it from the surface

Moreover, it also works great to protect the surface by eliminating germs. However, we need to follow the exact step to remove the limescale from the surface.

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Let Us Know Does Steam Cleaning Remove Limescale

Here is the easy way that I follow to remove the chalky substance from my kitchen and washroom. 

Let Us Know Does Steam Cleaning Remove Limescale

Choose The Right Steam Cleaner

Generally, a steam cleaner is a machine that refers to a cleaner that uses a steaming or vaping system. It works similarly to a sauna; it cleans the surfaces and eliminates germs. 

Moreover, the tenure of being dry is less than other general cleaners. It applies the high temperature to the tap water and creates a low pressure while exhaling the steam. 

There are plenty of steam or vapor cleaners available in the market. While purchasing one, you must choose a robust machine to remove sturdy stains. If you need, you can consult the local agent to find the right steam cleaner according to your task.

Manoeuvering The Steam Cleaner

After choosing the right steam cleaner, you are ready to maneuver it. First, let your room dry and start the steam cleaner. It takes 5 to 10 mins to get ready for exhaling boiling hot vapor. 

Consequently, let the cleaner sit to warm up. After that, you can start operating the cleaner by emitting the boiling hot vapor. 

Now spread the vapor wherever you need. If the stains have been on your surfaces for years, you must roll the exhaler twice or thrice on the spots. 

The hot vapor will loosen the limescale and stains by breaking the molecules of calcium and magnesium. After applying the vapor highly, you will notice the stains are coming out, which indicates that the limescale and stains are ready to vacuum.

Vacuum The Whole Area

After applying the vapor when the stains are loose, it is high time to use a vacuum cleaner. The steaming cleaner may provide you with the facility to vacuum. If it is not, you can use shop VAC to absorb the wetness of the area. 

Now start the vacuuming process intensely. The vacuum cleaner will soak all the steamed water dews, limescale, and stains. You may vacuum twice if needed. And you may also apply the vapor or steam to the surface for deep cleaning.

This is the way how you can use a steam cleaner to remove your limescale from the toilet and kitchen. 

Alternative Way To Remove Limescale & Stains

If you don’t have the steam cleaner, you can still clean the limescale and water stains from your premises. Though there are plenty of ways to wash out the limescale and stains, we shall disclose the easiest way among all. 

Alternative Way To Remove Limescale & Stains

The Use Of Liquid Cleaner

In the physical and online stores, you will get plenty of products that are able to remove stains and limescale. The basic working method of those cleaners is to break down the molecules of calcium and magnesium. 

It would be best if you chose the concrete and brick cleaner. One more thing you must notice is if the cleaner contains hydrochloric acid or not. You must purchase the cleaner which contains hydrochloric acid and choose the 5-liter gallon for the entire home. 

Scrub The Area

The subsequent step is to use a brush to scrub the entire area you want to wash. Prior to the scrubbing, sprinkle the area with water. Then, use some detergent to make the area more accessible. 

Now, scrub the area in both vertical and horizontal directions with the brush. You ought to use a brush which is new or hard like spikes.

After scrubbing the area, wash the detergent properly. Otherwise, the cleaner will be less effective for the stains and limescale.

Spray The Cleaner On The Area

After that, sprinkle the cleaner around the stains by using a sprayer. And let the solution sit for a while, like 5 to 10 minutes. Then scrub the areas with the brush. You will notice that the stains are vanishing each time you rub the brush on it. 

Why Should We Use Steam Cleaner?

Unlike the other general cleaners, the steam cleaner is versatile equipment. You can use this tool on any surface you want. It runs on electric energy and takes the water from the faucet to serve the vapor. 

You can also maintain the directions and angles while using a steam cleaner. The other most vital benefit that we found while using a steam cleaner is, that it can kill almost 99% of germs from the surface without costing on other products like detergent or liquid soaps. 

Furthermore, it can also remove the odor from the surfaces like carpets, floor mats, etc. Moreover, in the steam cleaning process, you do not require any kind of chemical product to clean the surface. 


How do you remove years of limescale?

There are plenty of ways to remove limescale from any type of surface. Regardless of the list, the best way to remove the limescale is through the steam cleaning process. It will break the molecules of calcium and magnesium, and remove the limescale or stains.

Can steam cleaning remove water stains?

Yes, steam cleaning removes the water stain properly. Generally, the steam cleaning process exhales the water vapor and breaks the molecules of calcium and magnesium. Eventually, it removes the water stains and limescale.


Regardless of how we follow to remove our limescale and stains from our washroom or kitchen, we must have safety precautions. We must wear gloves and glasses because the exhaling steam or vapor from the cleaner is boiling hot. And, it can cause an accident while manoeuvering if not taken carefully. 

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