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How Does a Wet Dry Vacuum Work

In the past wet dry vacuum cleaners were only used in commercial establishments when performing heavy-duty work. However, manufacturers have designed compact models to cater to domestic use.

You must know how to use your wet dry vacuum cleaner to enjoy the immense cleaning benefits. The equipment comes in handy when doing thorough cleaning in your home as it performs multifaceted purposes, just like the name.

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How does the wet-dry vacuum work?

It is a versatile cleaning equipment that works in both wet and dry environments. You can remove both wet spills and dry dust from your home space. First, you must choose the proper attachment to ensure the effective cleaning of dirt or spills.

Besides, it has two devices that separate dry dust and wet spills. The vacuum cleaner has interchangeable brushes designed for dry dust and wet spills.

The vacuum cleaner works the same way a canister cleaner works. It can perform heavy-duty jobs.

Just like the name suggests, this vacuum cleaner removes wet spills and damp patches.

It has well-insulated internal parts to minimize electric shocks and damage. However, a vacuum bag separates dry and wet waste with a two bucket system instead of a vacuum bag.

The wet-dry vacuum has a collection chamber and a motor unit. You can find the motor unit on top of the collection chamber. This allows the fan to draw air via the hose and collection chamber.

As the speed increases, the air goes past a small area to create suction that picks up dust particles and transfers them to the vacuum cleaner collection tank.

The vacuum cleaner releases particles into the larger collection tank once the air enters this chamber. Afterward, the air vents out through the upper part of the vacuum cleaner.

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Is a wet-dry vacuum the same as a shop vac?

Is a wet dry vacuum the same as a shop vac

Yes. The two names are used to refer to the same vacuum cleaner. Wet dry vacs can handle heavy-duty cleaning thanks to the improving technology.

Wet dry vacs can handle larger jobs because of their larger capacity, unlike dry vacs. Besides, they have a powerful motor providing better air suction.

Most importantly, a wet-dry vacuum has four canisters designed to handle larger projects, not only carpets, drains, ponds, flooded basement floors, garages, etc., depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Unlike ordinary household vacuums, the wet-dry vac can clean all kinds of messes, including standing water, and sawdust from home improvement projects, among others.

How to handle a wet-dry vacuum

Making sense of the new cleaning tool can be tricky at times. Follow the instructions below to make sense of it all:

How to handle a wet dry vacuum

1. Make sure your drum is empty.

Just because the manufacturer label says it can handle both dry and wet messes doesn’t mean you can use it anyhow. There is a process to observe to enjoy optimal use.

First, ensure the drum is empty before you fill it, and wipe out any water in it using a rag. Remove all dry scraps inside and dump them in your trash can.

2. Check if the filter is placed correctly.

When cleaning a dry surface, you need the filter to stop dust from blowing out on the vacuum top as you clean.

When cleaning wet surfaces, remove the filter because you don’t need it. Liquids damage filters and cleaning wet surfaces with the filters intact can damage the vacuum cleaner if it sucks up water.

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3. Use the proper attachment.

Every wet dry vacuum attachment has a reason behind it. For instance, you can clean wet surfaces with attachments laying flat on the ground. Consequently, you can use the biggest attachment to clean larger debris piles to save time.

Also, try to get into the crannies and nooks using the brush attachment or if you are handling a surface with plenty of pet hairs.

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4. Vacuum the surface

If the attachment is in place and the drum is empty, turn on the machine and start vacuuming.

5. Empty your bin

Ensure there is no mess in the wet-dry vac. Always clean the vacuum equipment after every use to ensure it serves you optimally.

Damp all the debris in your trash bin before putting away your vacuum cleaner in storage. If the drum is full of wastewater, remove the top section of your vacuum, then carry the lower part outside and dump the wastewater. Bring the base back and re-attach the filter before storing the vacuum.

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Tips on effective use of wet dry vacuum

The wet/dry vac is a lifesaver and designed to make cleaning easier by handling strenuous work. However, ensure you take good care of this excellent investment to enjoy more prolonged use and prevent damage.

Below are tips to extend the service life of your wet dry vac while maximizing its use as a home improvement tool.

Thoroughly clean the vac every month.

Clean your vacuum like you do other tools holding water to prevent mold or mildew growth. Give the vacuum cleaner a good scrub using warm water and dish soap to scrub the interiors and corners.

Store it in an accessible place

Preferably keep the vacuum where you do most of the vacuuming. The appliance is pretty heavy, even with the drum filled halfway.

If you work in the basement, then keep it in the basement for safety reasons.

Use it only when necessary.

Just because you have a wet-dry vac cleaner doesn’t mean you cl use it to clean all wet spills like milk etc. It’s easier to use other means like paper towels to clean milk spills.

Remember, you have to remove the filter, then select an attachment before vacuuming the milk. It’s a cumbersome process that is not worth such small work.

Maximize using all the features

Wet/ dry vacuum cleaners are sturdy, so feel free to use them. For instance, use the shop vac to blow out your fireplace clean at the start of the cold season. It’s certainly better than using a shovel which is a long process.

Most models are equipped with a crevice nozzle for cleaning tight spots and a utility nozzle for cleaning bulky debris. You can also get a special nozzle for cleaning car interiors and a section for inserting a dusting brush.

The squeegee attachment is useful with spills.

Alternatively, you can add the right attachment and then use the shop vac as a leaf blower.

Shop vacs are multi-purpose equipment that few people fully realize. You can do plenty of thorough cleaning services in your home to save time and do the job efficiently.

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How much water does the shop vac hold?

The capacity of wet/dry vacuums is 1-20 gallons, with most machines capable of holding 4-10 gallons of water.

What is the reason for not vacuuming with a wet filter?

Starting the machine when the filter is wet can cause electric shock damaging the motor. Also, a wet filter attracts mold, which can contaminate your house.

How long can I use the filter?

Use the filter until it has non-washable pleats, then replace it. Clean the filter every three months or monthly if you do regular cleaning. Let the filter dry naturally, and don’t use a dryer. It takes approximately 24 hours to dry well.

Final thoughts

Shop vacs or wet dry vacuum cleaners can clean liquid spills and dry dust indoors and outdoors. Buy a convenient vacuum cleaner that has all the essential attachments your home or business needs.

With the right shop vac, you can handle the workloads and ensure thorough cleaning in a short time. The wet/dry vac can remove stains, dirt, and liquid spills on your carpet, leaving the surfaces spotless and thoroughly cleaned.

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