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Dyson DC55 Total Clean Review: Explore Every In & Out

“Deliver unmatched suction power to pick up dirt, debris, and pet hair from hard floors to carpet without losing suction.” This sentence is enough to describe the efficiency of the Dyson Ball Total Clean Upright Vacuum Cleaner (formerly known as Dyson DC55 Total Clean). 

Unlike its competitors like Bissell and Hoover, Dyson fills the gap and designs this vacuum uniquely. As a result, you will never lose suction as other conventional bagged vacuum cleaners do. Dyson DC55 Total Clean uses new technology named Radial Root Cyclone Technology. Due to this, the vacuum cleaner never gets clogged by dirt or hair. 

Apart from these, Dyson DC55 delivers more breathtaking features to leave every nook & cranny of your home dirt-free. And this guide on Dyson DC55 Total Clean Review will let you know the ins & outs of this upright vacuum cleaner. So, read on till the end to learn everything about it. 

Dyson DC55 Total Clean Review

From this chapter, you can learn everything about the Dyson DC55- along with pros & cons. It will help you to decide whether you should get it or not. 

Set Up Process: Don’t Forget to Check Out the Manual

It’s natural for us as human beings that we don’t check out the user manual whenever we unbox new & thrilling things like Dyson DC55. We just go nuts for opening the box and fumble around to try accessories put together until they fit as intended. Luckily, Dyson designed this vacuum in a way that seems it’s for the impatient people who want to assemble the unit before taking a breath. Dyson writes literature on putting together the vacuum cleaner with text and graphics. So, we recommend you check the manual first before following our lead. 

Installing the vacuum cleaner involves sliding the wand down inside the hose until you hear the clicks. Then, slot the wand into the top of the machine and click it into place. Next, snap those cleaning tools in place around the duct. Lastly, click the cleaner head onto the front of the ball. 

Yes, we agree that it’s not intuitive to install the unit. But, we discovered how to assemble the vacuum cleaner. We highly recommend you read the installation instructions to avoid any fumble. 

Design & Technology: Compact & Intuitive

The unique design of this Dyson DC55 Upright Vacuum Cleaner makes it different from other vacuum cleaners. Its superior cyclonic filter, ball technology for upright vacuums, and eye-catchy red color give this vacuum an iconic look. 

This upright vacuum cleaner has a self-adjust cleaning head. It adjusts its height and the suction based on floor type automatically. On the other hand, the vacuum switches the suction power from the head to the hose when it’s in an upright position.

Dyson DC55 uses patented cyclone technology named Radial Root Cyclone™ technology. It maximizes airflow to boost up suction power, reducing turbulence. In simple words, it preserves more air pressure to capture microscopic particles, dirt, allergens, and pet hair. Indeed, it delivers optimum cleaning performance and is friendly for asthma & allergy sufferers.

On the other hand, the ball technology of this upright vacuum makes it a breeze to maneuver it with ease. As the vacuum rides on the ball, you can easily steer it with a turn of your wrist. Therefore, there is less clutter as the ball houses core technology, including the motor & ducting. So, cleaning the awkward spaces seems to be a piece of cake. 

Turns out, the Dyson DC55 features a lot of attachments to pick up dirt from crevices to high places. 

However, it makes a bit loud noise when in the upright position. And the air flows through the hose instead of the cleaner head. We think the placement of the wand is the culprit behind the noise it makes. 

Cleaning Performance: Optimum Cleaning Performance Almost On Every Surface

We tested this vacuum on multiple floors, from hard to high-pile carpets. And the cleaning output surprised us. Its self-adjusting cleaning head adjusts the suction maintaining optimal contact with every surface type. 

It lowers on hard surfaces to suck away dirt, dust, and pet hair from crevices and tight corners. On the other hand, the base plate automatically raises or lowers the head on the carpet to pick up embedded dirt from carpets. And the best part is- you will never lose suction as the radial root cyclone technology prevents the motor from clogging by dirt. 

Turns out, this upright vacuum features a tangle-free turbine tool. The counter-rotating brush heads allow you to pick up pet hair from carpets & upholstery. So, removing the pet hair from the floor will not be a pain in your neck. 

Therefore, the reach under-tool of this vacuum lets you pick up dirt & debris from hard-to-reach areas. Attaching this tool, you can suck away dust & debris from crevices to under the sofa or furniture. 

Plus, you will get a greater reach from the long hose and extendable wand. In return, you can clean up high areas like the window or ceiling. 

Indeed, Dyson DC55 is a complete vacuum cleaner to pick up dirt & debris from crevices to high places. 

Portability: A Bit Heavy But Manageable 

The weight of this upright vacuum is 17 lbs. It means it’s a bit heavy to maneuver, but the weight is still manageable. All of its weight is condensed into the ball. So, you can maneuver it with a turn of your wrist. However, you may get tired and your wrist or arm starts to feel sore if you turn the machine around constantly without taking any break. 

Ease of Emptying: Super-Easy 

You need no longer touch the dirt with your hand because of its one-touch bin emptying system. Just press the catch to release the cyclone and the dirt bin. Then, push the one-click bin button to dump the dirt & dust directly into the dustbin. 

Price: Worth Your Investment 

The current price of this vacuum on Amazon is £249.95. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but the technology it uses makes the price unbeatable. The superior suction it delivers allows you to pick up dirt, debris, and pet hair from multiple floors. Indeed, the cleaning result it provides seems this vacuum is worth £350 to us. 

Final Verdict 

Dyson DC55 Total Clean offers unmatched cleaning performance while enjoyable to use. As this vacuum delivers superior suction to pick up dirt & debris efficiently and is fun to use at the same time, we think you should go for it. Of course, you should pay a bit more for the innovation. But we believe the Dyson DC55 is worth the price. 

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