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Easy Home Cordless Cyclonic Stick Vacuum Reviews

Stick vacuums earn a huge buzz in the vacuum world due to their compact and lightweight design. You can carry this unit anywhere you want, and it’s great for spot cleaning spills.

But finding the best stick vacuums from the crowd is a daunting task. You can hardly find a stick vacuum that is functional, portable, and budget-friendly. Fortunately, we tested and reviewed a stick vacuum that meets all of these requirements. The name of this vacuum is Whall Cordless Cyclonic Vacuum. Most people know it as Easy Home Cordless Vacuum. 

And this guide on Easy Home Cordless Cyclonic Stick Vacuum Reviews will let you explore every in & out of the vacuum. So, keep reading.

Easy Home Cordless Cyclonic Stick Vacuum Reviews

Set-Up Process: Very Simple

Set Up Process Very Simple

Putting together this unit was a piece of cake. We just followed the user manual and ended the installation process of this stick vacuum successfully without any fumble. 

Firstly, insert the filter into the dust container. To do this, keep the cyclone inserted into the dirt canister. Then, align the pins in the cyclone insert with the cutouts in the dirt container. 

Secondly, install the dirt container by placing it on the pins at the bottom of the motor unit. Then, push the dust container a little bit inwards so that it clicks into place. 

Thirdly, snap the battery of this vacuum into the battery compartment and push it into the motor until you hear the click. 

Finally, mount the floor nozzle and suction pipe on the motor unit. You can directly insert the floor nozzle into the connection opening of the motor unit as long as you hear the click. Attach the suction pipe in the same way. 

Now, you are ready to clean with this vacuum. 

Cleaning Performance: Optimum

Cleaning demands meet all houses. This sentence is enough to describe the cleaning performance of the Easy Home Cordless Vacuum. 

The Whall Cordless Vacuum Cleaner features a powerful 250W brushless motor. It produces unmatched suction up to 22kPa. As a result, you can pick up tiny to sticky & stubborn dirt from the surface. 

And the best part is- that this cordless stick vacuum has three suction modes- high, medium, and low. In return, you can switch to different suction modes according to your need. 

For example, the HI (22kPa) suction mode will allow you to suck away nuts, sticky, and stubborn dirt from the floor. On the other hand, you can pick up messes like oats by switching to MI (10K) suction mode. Lastly, use the LO (6k) suction mode for regular vacuuming workflow to pick up tiny dirt & dust. 

Turns out, you can turn this stick vacuum into a hand-held vacuum cleaner. By dint of this, you can pick up dirt, pet messes, and grime from tight corners like under furniture, gaps, and narrower spaces. On top of this, the LED electric brush head will reveal the hidden messes under your bed. Indeed, a single speck of dust can’t hide in the nook & cranny of your home. 

Nonetheless, its V-shaped roller brush combines rigid and soft bristles. So, it will be gentle and efficient both on hard and carpet floors. 

Runtime: 53 Minutes of Continuous Cleaning Time

Superior suction of a cordless vacuum can’t alone ensure the optimum cleaning performance. The battery life of the vacuum also matters a lot. This cordless vacuum cleaning machine features a 2200mAh large-capacity 8-cell lithium battery. It delivers 53 minutes of long runtime to cover your entire room without interruption. However, the runtime will vary depending on the suction mode you use. In standard mode, you will get 53 minutes of cleaning time. But, you will get only 14 minutes of runtime if you switch to Max mode. 

Portability: Lightweight & Easy To Lug Around

The cordless and lightweight design of this vacuum makes it super portable. It’s only 6.53 lbs in weight. As a result, you can carry this vacuum from one room to another without any hassle. Just grab this vacuum with your hand and clean your home as you go to leave the floor dirt-free. 

Easy Dumping System

You should empty the dirt bin when it gets filled with dust to maintain the suction power. Before dumping the dirt canister, ensure you turn off the unit and remove the battery from the motor unit. 

Then, turn the dirt canister to remove it from the motor unit. Afterward, grab the flap of the dust canister and press the button to open the flap. Next, dump the dirt into a dustbin. Finally, close the flap again and put the empty dust bin into its place. 

Final Verdict

Easy Home or Whall Cordless Cyclonic Stick Vacuum will be your best trait in terms of cleaning efficiency and portability. It’s lightweight and cordless. So, you can maneuver it with ease.

Above this, this battery-powered vacuum delivers 22kPa of powerful suction. So, you can pick up both tiny to the toughest grime from the floor to leave your home dirt-free. So, we definitely recommend you to go for it.

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