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How Long Should a Dyson Vacuum Last?

It’s pretty essential to have sustainable vacuum cleaners in this modern world. You should buy a vacuum cleaner that won’t end up in the garbage after just a couple of years. In this category, Dyson is a pretty famous name. But how long should a Dyson vacuum last?

If you care for it enough, a Dyson vacuum can last a long time, like more than 20 years. The average lifetime of a Dyson vacuum is 7 to 10 years. But if you use the cleaner properly and carefully, clean the canister, perform enough maintenance, and avoid misuse, the vacuum can last even longer.

How Long Should a Dyson Vacuum Last?

You can also prolong the cleaner’s battery life by attempting some simple steps. So, take care of your Dyson vacuum cleaner to increase its lifetime.

Lifespan Of Dyson Vacuum

Typically, a Dyson vacuum cleaner has a lifespan of 7 to 10 years. But most importantly, the lifespan is dependent on the usage and maintenance of the machine.

If you use the Dyson vacuum roughly and ignore its maintenance, you may have to get a new cleaner after one or two years. But when you use your cleaner carefully and keep it under proper care, your Dyson vacuum may last about 20 years, more or less.

Sometimes a simple parts repair can solve the problem and make the cleaner function again. So, it’s up to you whether you care for the cleaner or not.

You can find the Dyson vacuum cleaner in two different designs: corded and cordless. The Dyson Stick and cordless ones are also known as upright vacuums. It has an average lifetime of 7 to 10 years.

But if you care for it and get proper maintenance, it can last more than ten years. By maintenance, we meant to check on the filters, clean the filthy filters, check on the brushes, remove any blockage from the pipes, etc. Such simple tasks help to increase the longevity of your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Tips For Increasing Longevity of Your Dyson Vacuum

Some simple tips will increase the efficiency and lifespan of your Dyson vacuum. Well, the primary concept is caring.

You have to clean the brushes regularly and check on them whether there’s any blockage or not. Always use the vacuum for household cleaning

Some people use a Dyson vacuum for cleaning leaves from Floor, corridors, building rubbles, etc. This way, your vacuum may lose its suction power, and face motor damage, motor brush damage, pipe cracks, and other internal issues.

So, you should avoid abnormal uses through your Dyson vacuum. It may seem a minor issue, but you should also check on the pipes to see if there’s an obstruction or not. And lastly, never ever try to suck up water through your Dyson vacuum.

Battery Lifespan of Your Dyson Vacuum

Battery Lifespan of Your Dyson Vacuum

Nowadays, most people don’t want to use the corded models of Dyson vacuum. They would instead prefer the cordless ones with batteries. It’s pretty easy to use and move all over your house.

Typically, a Dyson vacuum battery can last from 2 to 4 years, at max. But that also depends on your charging situation. Your Dyson vacuum contains a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. So, even after tough usage, the battery should serve you at least two years.

The company also guarantees you two years of battery replacement. If you use it with care and charge it correctly, the battery may last more than the average lifespan.

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Tips For Making The Battery Last Longer

Well, there are a few tricks of how you can make your Dyson vacuum’s battery last longer. Just ensure the following schemes:

Keep The Battery at Room Temperature

The battery should always be at room temperature. That’s because batteries lose their capacity in higher temperatures. Make sure you recharge your Dyson timely, even though you are not using the cleaner for some time. Otherwise, the battery will get damaged.

Occasionally Discharge the Battery

Another crucial factor about batteries is discharge. You have to discharge the battery completely on some occasions (once a month would be enough). Don’t use the full power of the vacuum unnecessarily.

Avoid Putting It Through Too Much Usage

And lastly, don’t try to over-use your Dyson vacuum too much. Just make sure the battery and motor are not under stress.

Lifespan Of Filters of Your Dyson Vacuum

Lifespan Of Filters of Your Dyson Vacuum

Filters have a connection with the vacuum cleaner’s lifespan. That’s because a filthy filter gives excess stress to the motor and the battery or fuse.

Filters of a Dyson vacuum can come in two different models: washable and non-washable. A non-washable filter can last from 6 to 12 months, and after that, you have to replace the filter with the new one.

But when you get a washable filter, you will have to go through some troubles. Whether you want to wash the filter once a week or once a month, it’s up to you. 

But when the filter becomes too filthy because of excess vacuuming, you may have to wash it multiple times a week.

However, it’s best to change the washable filters every year to maintain the suction performance.

Tips For Cleaning the Filters

If you clean the filter on a proper schedule, it will last more than enough months and increase the life of your vacuum.

First of all, always check the filters after using the vacuum. Any blockage due to large particles or liquid debris may come in sight. And you should avoid any liquids getting in contact with a filter or suction.

Don’t wait too long to clean the washable filters, or else it will give extra stress to the motor and cause overheating.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Dyson Cleaner?

When your Dyson vacuum is not performing like it used to, it’s time to change it. Here are some hints that will help you decide to change the vacuum.

  • The hose is not clean and building up clogs inside it.
  • The filter is needing replacement very frequently.
  • Dust particles easily get stuck over the filter.
  • The filter is dirty even after regular washing. 
  • The suction motor is malfunctioning more often.
  • Changing the drive belt isn’t getting any performance improvement.

When you see these symptoms on your vacuum, and none of the upgrades are helping, you should realize the lifespan of your Dyson vacuum cleaner is over.

Factor Affecting the Lifespan of Dyson Vacuum

Even though the company guarantees you the lifespan of your Dyson, it will vary according to your usage. So, here are the facts:

Renowned Company or Brand

It’s true that the company you are buying your vacuum from matters. It plays a vital role in controlling the lifespan of the vacuum. Dyson is a pretty famous name when it comes to vacuum cleaners.

They offer premium parts for the vacuum and ensure the parts are durable enough to perform in the long run. The company even provides you with a minimum guarantee or warranty with the vacuum. So, always go for a renowned brand.


Obviously, usage is a crucial fact in increasing or decreasing the lifetime of your Dyson vacuum. The more you use the machine, the shorter its lifespan will be.

1st case: Your vacuum will be stressed easily to clean more extensive areas regularly like large drawing or dining room. Not all vacuums have such durability to clean such exposed dirt continuously.

2nd case: When you have carpets on the floor, your vacuum will struggle to clean them because the dirt will quickly get stuck on the fibers and get heavily soiled. Therefore, some extra power is necessary to pull them in.

3rd case: Typical Dyson cleaners are not designed for cleaning liquids. It’s pretty common to have water spills or other water accidents. So, you can’t use a standard vacuum cleaner to clean other than the wet-dry vacuum.

4th case: Don’t be careless with power cords during use. These wires may get frayed or cut by a motor brush.

5th case: Ensure the tidying-up stage. Otherwise, your Dyson vacuum may get broken due to coins, toys, broken glass, or screws.


Your cleaner needs proper maintenance if you want to keep its company for a long time.

You should disassemble and clean the parts once a month to maintain the performance constantly. Always empty the dust bag or the canister after every use. If you don’t clean the canisters, it may clog your machine.

It’s better to use non-washable filters. If not, then wash the filters properly to get rid of all the debris. But don’t forget the motorized brushes because they also capture the dust, hair, fibers, etc. Always untangle the brushes after use.

Bottom Line

You need to invest extra money to get your very own Dyson vacuum. So, be aware of longevity to know whether your money is worth it or not.

How long should a Dyson vacuum last? Hopefully, you have learned about longevity and the factors that affect it. Maintain your Dyson vacuum regularly and see how long your companionship with the machine lasts! 

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