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How To Get a Sock Out of a Vacuum Hose?

The vacuum won’t perform properly when it loses its suction power because of the sock in the vacuum hose. So, you need to get out the socks from time to time. But do you know how to get a sock out of a vacuum hose?

You can use two different methods to get the sock out of the hose. In the first method, you need to pull off the hose from the vacuum and push the broomstick into the hose to remove the sock with your fingers. Disassemble the cleaner if necessary to remove the socks from storage. In another method, you need to pull out stocks from the lower hose using some nose pliers.

Removing the socks from the vacuum hose will increase the efficiency of your vacuum. So, you need to learn the cleaning process.

Why Remove Sock from the Vacuum Hose?

Whenever you feel there’s a sock inside the vacuum hose, you need to shut off your cleaner immediately. And if possible, disconnect the electric power from the vacuum to avoid any risk of getting an electric shock.

The vacuum’s hose sucks the dirt and connects it with the roller that sends the dirt directly to the dust bag. So, if there’s any sock stuck in the path or inside the hose, the vacuum can’t suck any dirt from the floor properly. There will be an imbalance in suction power, leading to machine failure, circuit break, or other incidents.

On top of that, if there are some socks inside the hose, the suction power will reduce, and the dust won’t be cleaned. That’s why removing the sock is an absolute necessity for safety and cleaning efficiency.

How To Get a Sock Out of a Vacuum Hose -Step By Step Proceed?

Removing a sock out of the vacuum hose isn’t a hard job to do. You can apply two methods for that. Follow the methods stepwise:

Removing and Cleaning

You can call this method “removing and cleaning,” where you can just simply pull out the sock and clean the hose.

Step-1: Pull Off the Hose

When a sock is stuck inside the vacuum hose, you will realize a backward thrust on the handle. So, shut off your cleaner immediately and unplug the power cable.

Step-2: Search on Manual

The vacuum cleaner always has a user manual, and it has pretty much all the solutions related to your cleaner. So, you might find how to remove socks when they are stuck inside the hose. The instruction may vary based on models and designs.

It would be better to follow the instruction manual that comes with the vacuum cleaner.

Step-3: Find the Sock

According to the manual’s instructions, check the bottom end of the hose after removing it.

If you see the sock anywhere near the edge inside the hose, try to remove it with your bare fingers. Sometimes the sock can’t go deep inside the hose when you shut off the power quickly.

If the sock is not in reach of your fingers, find alternatives like coat hangers, straight sticks, broomsticks, etc. A metal hook would be the best option to fish out the sock from the hose.

If the sock goes deeper, you will need to dislodge the hose and then try to pull it out.

Step-4: Disassemble the Vacuum

It may be too late to shut off the power when you don’t find the sock inside the hose. Therefore, place a newspaper where you would flip the vacuum after removing the bottom part. Otherwise, the debris will fall on the floor and make the place dirtier. 

Remove the parts following the instructions on the manual. You may see the sock among the dust. Sometimes the sock goes into the dust in a split second because of the high vacuum.

So, it would be best to check the dust bag or canister to find the sock. You may also see that the sock is stuck behind the roller or brush roll. So, check on every possible part that is connected to the hose.

Step-5: Clean the Parts

You need to clean the part earlier you have dislodged while finding the sock inside the hose.

Typically, the sock is found inside the hose, behind the roller, or canister. So, clean the parts as you assemble them again, especially the hose and brush roll.

Step-6: Reassemble

Now it’s time to reassemble the loose parts. You will need a screwdriver if you remove the vacuum cover or the lower part of the hose. So, assemble the parts and give the cleaner to check whether it’s functioning or not.

Pull Out the Sock from Lower Hose

In this process, you won’t need to go through the trouble of disassembling all the parts from the vacuum. All you need to do is:

Step-1: Take the Main Hose Off

When you feel that the vacuum has stopped functioning and your socks are missing, you should stop the vacuum and take the central hose off.

Typically, the hose stays connected with the main body and near the roller. Detach the hose from the body. You can get help from the manual of the vacuum cleaner. 

Sometimes the hose stays attached to the body without any screws. You can just pull it out mechanically.

Step-2: Unscrew the Lower Hose

Some cleaners use screws to tighten the position of the hose. Therefore, you will need to unscrew the ports or screws with a screwdriver to access the lower hose.

That’s because there’s a higher possibility for the socks to get stuck inside the lower hose instead of the central hose.

Step-3: Pull Out the Sock

If you see the sock near any end of the hose, grab a needle nose plier and pull the sock out of the nozzle. It’s better to use larger nose pliers because you can quickly grab the sock even if it’s a bit away from your finger’s grip.

When the pliers are of no use, you can use another vacuum to suck up the sock at the edge of the hose. Well, most people don’t have two vacuum cleaners at home. So, choose another alternative.

Grab a long, thin stick-like mop handle or broom and put it inside the central hose. Start pushing the stick deep inside until the sock appears at the other end.

When you don’t see the sock in the central or lower hose, it might have stuck with the roller inside. Try a larger plier to grab the sock, or else you would need to disassemble the roller and the bottom part.

Step-4: Reattach the Hose

After removing the sock, you need to reattach the hose with the vacuum. For that, screw back the lower hose by holding it against the vacuum body. Always use the screwdrivers instead of hands to tighten up the hose.

Finally, attach the central hose with the lower one and secure the connection. Then, give it a test drive and examine whether the suction power is stable or not. If the suction isn’t functioning correctly, you may have left any leakage or loose screw at the lower hose.

How To Avoid “Sock in The Vacuum Hose”

Though removing a sock from the vacuum hose isn’t much hard work, you can avoid such hassles if you maintain some rules.

First of all, don’t use your vacuum cleaner where socks are roaming around. You need to remove those socks elsewhere before using the vacuum, even if the sock is dirty. 

Don’t be too indifferent and forget to press the shutdown button when you notice something is wrong with the suctions.

Avoid using the vacuum further when you see or are suspicious of something inside the hose. Otherwise, the consequences will be vital for you.

Pro-Tips Regarding Sock Removing from Vacuum Hose

Even in this simple task, you will need some professional advice to complete it without any hassles.

First of all, the hose is not made of hard metals. Whenever you put sticks or long pliers inside the hose, ensure you don’t damage the inner surface. Otherwise, the whole set of the hose will need replacement.

Be careful while disassembling or reassembling the parts of the cleaner. Don’t lose the screws, or else you won’t be able to connect the parts with the cleaner’s body. 

Always use some paper on the floor while removing socks or disassembling the parts for this purpose. It will help to keep the task less messy.

And lastly, if the sock stuck inside the hose is wet, you would need to clean the hose and roller before using it further. Always follow the instruction manual while cleaning or removing socks from the hose.

Bottom Line

Losing suction power is not a good sign for the vacuum cleaner. And a sock inside the hose is another crucial reason for that.You should have already learned how to get a sock out of a vacuum hose stepwise. Both methods described here are pretty easy to apply and won’t even take much time. So, keep your house clean and the vacuum cleaner also!

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