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How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Carpet? Flea Infestation in Carpet:

Fleas wreak havoc on you and your pets, sucking blood and producing more of them. Many flea species can last more than three months on your carpet. If you don’t have any flea removing measures, they will indeed be irritating, deadly even. So, does steam cleaning carpets clean fleas permanently? Well, it depends on the stage of flea infestation and the regularity of steam cleaning your carpet.

Carpets have many sneaky holes and cracks, making it one of the best situations for flea larvae to grow. Steam heats up adult fleas, killing them in the process. However, some flea eggs and larvae still thrive where the steam couldn’t read at that time. There is no permanent solution to this flea problem with just steaming. So, you need to know what kills fleas in the carpet alongside steam. 

How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Carpet?

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Furniture And Carpet

Fleas are inevitable insects, which can enter into your house on pets, your clothes, hair, and new furniture as well. Once you are infested with fleas, you will not have any choice but to eradicate all of them. Sofas, chairs, and other furniture have outer cloths covering and protecting them. Fleas may sometimes stay and lay eggs on them. 

Flea eggs typically hatch within a week or so and wreak havoc on your house. To keep your furniture safe from fleas, you can use the vacuum or chemical method. Other methods, like leaving them in the sun, may work as well, but it will kill the majority of flea eggs. 

Fleas from furniture removal (Steam plus Vacuum):

Fleas from furniture removal

Steaming can kill off the majority of flea eggs, larvae, and adults. Vacuum cleaners can suck out fleas, leaving you with an item of brand-new furniture. Then again, combining the two of them will make the fleas run for their lives. The vacuum will suck off adult fleas, and the steam will boil the eggs inside out. The chances of the flea eggs remaining will be almost zero. 

The Fastest Ways to get rid of Fleas in Carpets (Chemical)

If you don’t want to go on a rampage with your vacuum and steam cleaner, you can try using the salt or baking soda method. The chemical baking salt will react directly on the fleas and larvae, killing them in the process. Salt helps remove the moisture from the flea’s body, dehydrating and killing them. The baking soda method will work only for adults and larval fleas. But flea eggs will be safe as they have a shell protecting them. 

However, salt can suck the water from the eggs and kill all the remaining bugs. Fleas can’t reproduce in such harsh conditions, and you can get rid of them quickly. You use other chemicals as well, but we advise you to leave the dangerous ones for the pros. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. How long steam kills fleas?

Steaming at a high temperature can kill any bug (even fleas) in just 2 mins. Our regular steaming method doesn’t have so much heat capacity inside them. So, steaming your carpets for a long time can kill the fleas in about 120 mins. Unlike vacuum cleaners, steam cleaning can help you get rid of even the smallest flea eggs. 

2. How long do fleas live on the carpet?

The sneaky cracks and clevises of carpets can provide the flea to live for at least 3 months. In the meantime, the flea can hit a ride on your pet or your clothes, starting the flea cycle again. So, you should remove them from your clothes as soon as possible. 

3. What is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Fleas on a carpet?

The fastest flea removing process is by steaming them in a steamer or by using chemicals like soda, salt, etc. Both methods have their pros and cons, where the steaming process is the most environmentally friendly. 

4. Does Baking soda kill fleas on the carpet?

Baking soda and salt both can dehydrate the flea, killing even the flea eggs. Baking soda churns out excellent results in preventing a flea outbreak in your house.

5. Does Vacuuming kill fleas?

Vacuuming can indeed kill fleas, but only the big mature ones. An unborn flea egg can stay in cracks where the vacuum can’t reach properly. Your old vacuum cleaner can’t remove the flea larva as well if the suction is not powerful enough. 

6. Can you kill fleas with a steam cleaner?

Yes. A steam cleaner can kill all the flea or tick traces, leaving you with a bug-free house. However, you can use a vacuum clear to remove any dead fleas from the carpets.

7. What is the best flea killer for carpet?

The best flea killer for the carpet is the vacuum and steam cleaner combo. Vacuuming will kill most of the fleas, and the steaming will clean even the unhatched ones. 

Wrapping up

Fleas are a pain in the neck when they enter your house unwanted. It might be your dog, your cat, or even your kid who played outside; removing these bugs needs to be fast. Steam cleans and kills off fleas from your carpet and other pieces of cloth. Steaming is at present the best way to get rid of this flea problem without an exterminator. 

I hope you got your “Does steam cleaning carpets kill fleas” question. Bye, and have a good day.

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