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Is Bissell Crosswave Safe For Hardwood Floors? – Stay safe

If your home floor is made of hardwood material then its natural shining and color would be an important factor. This is because the hardwoods are very sensitive and require utmost maintenance.

The Bissell Crosswave machine and its floor cleaning formula are safe for hardwood floors. Its chemical composition is maintained in a compatible way for different types of hardwoods. Cleaning the hardwood floors on a regular basis is important to keep their natural shine intact.

For this, you have to choose the safest and most compatible cleaning solution and powered machine very carefully. Because many cheaper cleaner machines are present in the local market. That is why it is better to know that is Bissell Crosswave safe for hardwood floors.

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How do you use a Bissell CrossWave on hardwood floors safely?

There are different cleaning products available in the market for hardwood floors. Among those, the Bissell Crosswave is comparatively a better choice for the hardwood floor because it is self-powered and fully automated.

Since hardwood cleaning can be sensitive, it is better if you know the correct and safest way to clean the hardwood floors using the Bissell Crosswave Cleaner.

Removal of sharp and hard mess from the floor

This is the most important criterion before moving into the cleaning procedure. Hardwoods are not synthetic but natural. They have their own natural color, texture, and shine. There are different types of solid dust or wastes that originate from the kitchen or other household activities. 

These can be sharp broken glass parts, eggshells, metallic specks of dust, and objects. All these objects can cause potential damage to the natural texture of the wooden floor if not removed beforehand. 

That is why a proper dry sweep is mandatory to remove the particles before using the Bissell Crosswave Cleaning Formula. Otherwise, the expected result cannot be achieved and damage on the hardwood surface will be seen.

Safely Using the Original Bissell Crosswave Cleaning Machine

The Bissell Crosswave comes up with their professional floor cleaning machine. It is designed especially for sensitive floors such as tiles and hardwood. Moreover, it is safer than most of the other techniques of floor cleaning procedures.

Firstly, fill up the water tank provided with the Crosswave cleaning machine with Hot water up to 60 degrees in temperature. There are illustrated water levels marked in the water can for small and large areas.

Determine the cleaning target floor area then fill up the tank with water and cleaning formula from the Bissel. It is recommended to use the compatible cleaning formula from the Bissell Crosswave. Moreover, stock up on extra containers of Bissell Crosswave in case of emergency.

Make sure the tank is sealed tightly and give it a shake. This is important for diluting the solution otherwise waste of the formula can be seen. After that, turn the tank upside down and push it inside the chamber of the Bissell Crosswave Cleaning machine.

Select the “Hardwood” or “Hard floor” switch located on the machine. After that press the trigger for 10 seconds to get the solution flow to the multi-surface brush. When the liquid flow gets started, move the machine back and forth very slowly.

For safety usage, take as much time as required to clean up your hardwood floor. On average it takes up to 20 minutes to clean an area of about 100square feet. This method is the safest way to clean your hardwood floor using the Bissell Crosswave Cleaning formula.

Additional Information for Safe use of Bissell Crosswave

  • For safer usage of the Bissell cross wave on Hardwoods, use the Microfiber all surface brushes.
  • Maintain the water and cleaner ration perfectly, as the over-saturation may damage the hardwoods.
  • Clean up the solution tank and recovery tank before every usage of the machine.
  • Select the floor type buttons carefully while switching the rug and hard floors.
  • Use authorized Bissell Crosswave Cleaner solution only and check its compatibility with the floor type.

Bissell Crosswave Safe-Are there any risks?

Since Bissell Crosswave is an automated and electrically powered Cleaning machine, there are several risk factors. These risks should be accounted for carefully otherwise, you may notice texture and color damage to the Hardwood floors.

Excess Rubbing and Friction

The Bissell Crosswave uses the mechanical movement and automated flow of the solution on the Hardwoods. Its motorized brush revolves to clean up the floor by mopping. But, hardwoods have sensitive upper textures. If the machine is not properly moved to and fro, the excess friction may damage the polishing and color of the hardwood.

Over Saturation of the cleaning Solution

The Bissell Crosswave cleaning formula has a mildly acidic medium. It enhances the cleaning capability of the solution. But while mopping the floor with the Bissell Crosswave it should be diluted using hot water.

It can be risky for the hardwood floor if the cleaning solution is made over-saturated. It is because the low pH of the solution may hamper the color and natural shine of the hardwood. Therefore, while mixing and preparing the solution, the ratio of the water and cleaning agent should be maintained.

Incompatible Cleaning Formula

There are enormous types of cleaning formulas available in the local and online market. But not all products are good enough for all types of surfaces. The upper layering of the hardwood floors is very sensitive.

Besides, the Bissell Crosswave cleaning machine supports only the original Bissell Crosswave cleaning solution. Otherwise, the internal components such as the dust receiver, and the brush will get damaged due to incompatibility.


Check out some commonly asked questions below.

Is the Bissell CrossWave pet pro safe for hardwood floors?

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is quite safe for Hardwood floors. It has a gently mopping effect on the hardwood floors. As a result, due to optimized friction and high-quality microfiber brush and solution usage, the floor gets cleaned very easily. 

More on that, the cleaning formulas are developed in a friendly manner using less harmful and biodegradable chemical compositions.

Is BISSELL good for hardwood floors?

Bissell has brought many surface cleaning accessories such as the Crosswave, Pet pro, etc machines. These are totally automated mopping machines. The hardwood floor requires very sophisticated and gentle mopping. And it is conveniently delivered by Bissell products. Therefore, it can be said that the Bisslee is good for hardwood floors.

Can you use Bissell Crosswave on laminate wood floors?

In order to protect the natural color, texture, and shine of the wooden floors laminations are used. The Bissell Crosswave has been developed to be friendly with most surface types such as hardwood, rugs, carpets, vinyl floors, etc. Therefore, you can also use the Bissell Crosswave on the laminated wooden floors with proper safety and caution.


Mopping and Sweeping the household floors is very hectic work. It not only takes up energy but also uses a lot of time. The Bissell Crosswave has brought a powered mopping and cleaning machine which is fully automated. Alongside, the Bissell Cross eco-friendly cleaning formula has been introduced as well.

This combination makes the household cleaning work very easy and convenient. But, you should be careful while using it on wooden or hardwood floors. Because the hardwood floors are organic and can get potentially damaged if not maintained or cleaned properly. That is why you must know beforehand that is Bissell Crosswave safe for hardwood floors.

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