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Shark Robot Vacuum Suction Motor Not Working-Troubleshooting Solution

The shark robot vacuum is pretty popular because of its advanced technology for cleaning. You can operate it through a mobile app and set many functions according to your wish. But sometimes, you will notice that your shark robot vacuum suction motor is not working correctly or not working at all.

Some reasons like a faulty fuse, software malfunction, filthy filter, dirty motor brush, overheating, overfilled canister are working behind the malfunction of the suction motor. You can make the suction motor functional again by performing a device reboot, factory reset, getting a fuse repair, motor brush repair, or restoring the power supply.

Shark Robot Vacuum Suction Motor Not Working

You won’t need any professional help if you know some quick methods of fixing the suction motor on your own. All you need to do is follow the guidelines properly and check your vacuum. Read Why Do Shark Vacuums Have Cancer Warnings?

Shark Robot Vacuum Suction Motor Not Working/ Won’t Turn on

Why Is The Suction Motor Not Working?

As your shark vacuum is a mechanical device, it can stop working or malfunction at any time. It’s pretty common to see the suction motor stop working.

If you figure out the reasons, you can quickly solve the problem and make the vacuum function like before. Here are some common causes of this problem:

Shark Robot Vacuum Suction Motor Won't Turn on

Faulty Fuse

It’s pretty common to notice voltage up-down in the house. High voltage or sudden changes in voltage can burn fuse and turn off your vacuum. 

Therefore, check on the fuse immediately whenever you notice such issues with the voltage and see the vacuum suction motor stop working.

Software Malfunction

The shark vacuum is made with the latest technology. But sometimes, the software malfunction can be caused by shutting down the suction motor. This can imbalance the motor rotation and cause unusual movements of the vacuum.

That’s why you should check on the software while noticing such problems, even though it’s a pretty minor issue.

Filthy Filter

The air filters help restrict the larger debris going into the canister and improve selective suction. But sometimes, the air filter will get clogged due to these larger particles, dirt, pet dander, etc.

Then, the suction power will reduce over time, and the motor won’t function properly.

Poor Internet Connection

As mentioned, the shark vacuum is an IoT device. You can control it through your phone via the internet.

Therefore, the suction motor won’t function properly if you don’t have a strong internet connection while operating the vacuum. It can stop suddenly while cleaning the floor or won’t start suction at all.

Dirty Motor Brush

The brush roller helps move the vacuum and suck the dirt by rotation. Therefore, all the dirt goes through the motor brush. It can get clogged by pet furs, human hairs, yarn, and sufficiently larger dust particles.

You will notice the brush has stopped working or functioning in some intervals. Reduction in length (from 3/4th to 3/8th) can create such situations easily.

The Power Supply

The shark vacuum cleaner can come in two designs: corded and cordless. 

If you get the corded vacuum, you should check on the power supplies whenever you are using it. Any problems with the power supply will affect the vacuum’s suction power.

The cordless shark vacuum runs on a rechargeable battery. So, when the charge is low, the suction motor can’t function properly, and it can even stop working.


Overheating the suction motor is another common problem to notice. The main reasons behind overheating are movement interruption, larger debris on the nozzles or air filters, excess use, etc.

Due to this heavy load, the suction motor can’t pull in all the dust. Over time, the machine’s efficiency reduces. And suddenly the motor will stop running.  

Overfilled Dust Cup

You should check in the dust cup or canister while cleaning a massive amount of dust from your home. Otherwise, the overfilled canister will create problems like overheating the motor, reducing the suction power, etc.

According to the manufacturers, the suction power will reduce up to 30% when using the vacuum, keeping the canister full.

Cords Connections

When using a corded shark vacuum cleaner, the cord connection would be a matter of concern.

Ensure all the cords connected to the vacuum don’t have any leakage. Faulty cables will reduce the power supply on the suction motor and cause performance reduction or no performance at all.

How To Solve Faculty Suction Motor?

Only knowing the reasons won’t solve the problem until you take some steps. All these mentioned problems are pretty easy to solve by yourself.

How To Solve Faculty Suction Motor

Here are a few pointers to get you up to speed:

Motor Reset

Sometimes the motor doesn’t have any faulty parts to repair if it stops working after switching on. So, you would need to reset the device.

At first, switch off and unplug your shark vacuum from the power source. Then, check out the blockage in the hose or filters. 

If you have any, wash and clean the dust from the hose or filters. After that, let the vacuum rest for 45 minutes and switch it on.

Your shark vacuum suction motor will start running. If not, you need to replace the motor.

Factory Reset

Factory reset is for software problems. If you realize that the reason for malfunctioning the suction motor is software issues, run a factory reset and check out the results. You can perform a factory reset in two ways.

In the first method, you need to go to the shark vacuum official app where you have already registered your vacuum. Then, search the reset option in the settings. One click, and your device is under factory reset.

For the second method, you need to perform a factory reset manually. Find the reset switch on the back of the vacuum and press it for 10 seconds. After that, turn the vacuum on, and your shark vacuum should be reset. 

Check Or Change the Filters

As the filter plays a vital role in reducing the motor’s suction power, you need to wash and clean the filter most often or replace it.

At first, remove the filters and remove the loose dirt from its surface. Then, use water at different speeds to remove the tough debris. Don’t use any soap to wash. 

Cool The Vacuum

As overheating is one of the major issues behind the suction motor not working, you need to avoid such cases. Typically, the vacuum overheats because of excess use. 

Don’t use your shark vacuum for a straight couple of hours. Make sure you give it at least 50 minutes of rest after long-time use. Always follow the thermostat to avoid overheating your vacuum. 

Restart The Vacuum

Sometimes a glitch or mechanical fault can stop the suction motor from running. But it can be solved simply by just restarting the vacuum.

But make sure you provide the vacuum enough rest (like 30 to 50 minutes) before your subsequent use. 

Repair Or Change the Fuse

When the fuse connection is poor or faulty, your shark vacuum suction motor won’t even start.

In that case, check if the fuse is broken or not. If the fuse is repairable, go to a repair shop and get it fixed. Or else, you can buy a new fuse and replace the old one. 

Clean Or Repair the Motor Brush

The length of the teeth of the motor brush reduces over time and creates several issues like clogged and interrupting suction.

So, it would be best to repair or clean the motor brush whenever it gets clogged. If it gets worse, replace the motor brush. 

Power Supply Check

Before starting to clean, you need to check the power supplies of your shark Robo vacuum. If you use a corded model, check the power connections.

But if you use a cordless vacuum, check the battery percentage. Typically, the ideal condition of cordless vacuum use is when the battery has more than 40% charge. But you will need a full charge when you use the vacuum a bit longer. 

Empty The Canister

As mentioned, an overfilled canister is one of the most crucial reasons for suction motor malfunction.

It’s better to keep the canister empty whenever you are using it. Keep an eye on dust stores whether it’s filled or not. 

According to experts, if you use your shark vacuum regularly, you need to empty the canister every three days. It may vary according to the amount of dust you pick up with your vacuum. 

Check The Cord Connection

If your shark Robo is old but functioning, you must check on the wires whenever you use it. Sometimes wire leakage or faulty wires creates diversity in current supply and causes suction motor problems. 

It would be better to get new cords for your vacuum when you notice such a problem. And make sure you also check the new wires before use.

Bottom Line

Using an advanced cleaner like shark robot vacuum, you need to learn how to troubleshoot and fix such minor problems. Is your shark robot vacuum suction motor not working? Hopefully, the guidelines are enough to find out the root of the problem and apply the techniques to solve it. Know your vacuum inside out and clean away

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