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How To Vacuum Ruggable With Dyson (Clarified in just 6 steps!)

One of the most apparent confusions people still have is whether they can vacuum their ruggables or not. You can pretty much take out your Dyson vacuum cleaner and freshly wipe out dust from your ruggable. Just like you would clean your hardwood floor or typical low-pile carpet.

Make sure you set your Dyson to the lowest suction and power setting. Begin very slowly and notice how your Dyson runs over the ruggable. If you find the machine getting stuck on a thick pile of carpeting, turn it off at once. You can also switch to Eco Mode or change the cleaning head. Install the cleaning head without a beater bar and vacuum the ruggable as usual.

It is imperative to know how to vacuum ruggable with Dyson. Keeping your ruggables dust-free and fresh is essential for the impression of your living room as well as the health of you and your precious family members.

Why Should You Vacuum Your Ruggables?

Ruggable rugs are costlier and much more sophisticated than ordinary rugs. They come as a two-piece set. The first piece is a non-slip rug pad, and the other is a top layer that attaches to a Velcro-like grip. Ruggable rugs might be hefty in price, but they are easier to wash and clean.

Your ruggables might get dusty or stained from day-to-day usage, pet accidents, or even your own oops moments. Hairs, dust, and debris are most often stuck in the ruggables. You need to shake these off from time to time. 

A dirty ruggable will most certainly make your living room uncomfortable for any guest you might have invited. You do not want to leave a wrong impression on them, do you? 

These carpets can get dusty and smudged quite a bit from tedious usage. Dirty ruggables will make your aesthetics go down. Not to mention they can also trigger major dust allergies. Dusty ruggables can also pose a health hazard for people with allergies, asthma, or breathing issues.

To stay clear of all of these, you should frequently vacuum your ruggable with your Dyson. Your Dyson is an excellent tool for cleaning all those specks of dust and debris from your ruggable. Keeping the ruggable dust-free also allows easier washing.

How To Vacuum Ruggables With Dyson?

Vacuuming ruggables with Dyson might seem easy or trouble-free. However, in reality, vacuuming ruggables with Dyson comes with its own risk. 

If you are not careful enough, you may damage your ruggable or even your Dyson. It feels confusing and scary but fear not. If you go through our guidelines, you will not risk anything. It is crucial to grasp all the details before vacuuming ruggables with your Dyson.

Here is our step-by-step breakdown of how to vacuum ruggable with Dyson.

How To Vacuum Ruggable With Dyson step by step

Step 1: Make sure to clear the surroundings

When you are working with the Dyson, you better clear the surroundings. Move any objects or furniture around you that may be an obstacle while cleaning. 

Accidentally tripping over any block or head-on collision will damage the Dyson. We do not want that. Additionally, remove any material on the ruggable too big for the Dyson to vacuum manually. 

You should broom the ruggable a bit before vacuuming it. It helps reduce extra dust particles or unwanted debris. Your Dyson will face less pressure if you give a little more effort brooming the carpet beforehand.

Step 2: Run over the ruggable

Start slowly, make no haste. You can damage your ruggable or the Dyson if you are not careful. Roughly pulling or pushing with the Dyson might hold the fibers of the ruggable and obliterate it. 

Pay attention to the Dyson while vacuuming. Start from the edges and slowly make your way to the center. If your Dyson gets stuck anywhere, stop immediately. It is time to make some power adjustments.

Step 3: Set up the Dyson properly

The main reason a Dyson is tricky to use in vacuuming ruggables is because of its immense suction power. Working in a powerful vacuum mode may result in severed fibers. The fibers of the ruggable might also get uprooted.

Therefore, it is vital that you set the Dyson to proper power settings. The Dyson V11s’ Auto mode is quite powerful to clean the ruggables properly. You may want to switch to Eco Mode while using a Dyson V11 to avoid damage to the carpet. 

Older models of the Dyson have a lowered suction power. In this case, you can keep them in auto mode. This should take care of the power setting issue.

Step 4: Raising and lowering the Dyson

If your ruggable is thick and you have difficulties pushing the vacuum, you might need to raise your vacuum. Not maintaining the proper height while vacuuming may damage your carpets and rugs. 

Raising and lowering an upright Dyson is easy. It is known as a Dyson Ball. Your Dyson features a level adjustment lever. You can find two built-in settings available. The first is “Bare Floors,” and the other is “Carpets.” 

When you set the Dyson to Bare Floor mode, it lowers the vacuum foot to the floor. On the other hand, flipping the switch to “Carpets,” the vacuum foot is raised so that it can swipe on ruggables. It is the safest setting for carpets,ruggables, and rugs.

Step 5: Checking the attachments

Dyson models come with multiple attachments for different situations. Switching out these attachments may be the best option most often. A variety of attachments can be used to clean dust from a ruggable. 

We have tried to discuss them in detail just below.

Soft Roller Head

The most useful attachment for cleaning ruggables is the soft roller head. A brush roller is considered a necessary component for vacuums while cleaning any ruggables. The brush rolls and heaves the fibers. This results in increased airflow and wipes out dirt from the ruggable.

Use a soft roller cleaning head for the best performance and optimal experience. This particular head is crafted with tender nylon, and it does not catch or pull the fibers. So you can rest assured about not damaging your ruggable.

Direct Drive Head

Another great option to use is a direct drive head. Dyson officially suggests this attachment for thick pile rugs and carpets. It is equipped with stiff bristles, but it does not have any roll.

Direct drive cleaning head goes deep into carpet and sucks the dirt and dust particles from the ruggable. It has a lowered chance of catching or pulling the fibers because it does not have any rolling motion.

High Torque Head

Especially recommended for Dyson V11 models, the high torque cleaning head features advanced sensor technology. It can sense when the Dyson switches from one type of surface to another, altering the vacuum power accordingly.

However, keep in mind that this high torque head only works with Boost mode. While cleaning thick carpets and rugs, the head is automatically pushed to Boost mode for higher suction power to pull dirt from the depths of the carpet. 

If you fear that your ruggable will be damaged from this much suction power, try to avoid it.

Step 6: Cleaning the underside

The most common mistake people make while cleaning their ruggables is never cleaning the rug’s underside. Cleaning the underside helps remove the dust trapped under the carpet and allows you to clean the surface more efficiently. 

You can use a cleaning head with a brush roll for the underside. Turn your rug over and vacuum it properly for a better thorough cleaning.

Pro Tips and Tricks

Vacuuming a ruggable with your Dyson is a relatively simple procedure. However, you can still follow these pro tricks for better performance with less effort.

  • Try to clean hard, sizable debris and scraps beforehand manually. These can be hard to pick up for the Dyson and interrupt your cleaning process.
  • Slowly work yourself from the edges to the center for proper dusting.
  • You can turn off the beater bar on your Dyson. It will elongate the procedure, but it will be safer.
  • Using the hardwood head rather than the rug head has been proven more helpful.
  • Keep your Dyson set to the lowest power level if you do not want to risk damaging your ruggable.
  • You can always broom the ruggable beforehand to make the vacuuming procedure easier.

Bottom Line

No more confusion about how to vacuum ruggable with Dyson! Using your Dyson to clean your ruggable is totally safe and incredibly simple. You have to be a bit careful while cleaning. If you have difficulties pushing, just lower the suction power or switch to Eco mode. You can also try some handy attachments while doing so.

Keeping your home clean and dust-free is a must. It does not have to be stressful. We sure hope our article has been of use to you. If you benefited even the slightest from reading our article, it would be our greatest pleasure!

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