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Wet/Dry Vac Vs Carpet Cleaner: What’s Best For You? (Explained)!!!

Imagine living in a dirty home. Not a pretty sight, right? We know, this is why you have to buy a wet-dry vacuum cleaner. But a lot of people also buy carpet cleaners for themselves. So, you might be wondering which one will be better for you, right?

Well, there’s no need for you to get confused about which device to buy for yourself. We already took care of that. Below, we have arranged an insightful article on the topic “Wet/dry vac vs carpet cleaner”.

In this discussion, you’ll also gain valuable knowledge on the working mechanism of both wet dry vacs and carpet cleaners. Moreover, you’ll also find out why and which device is better for you. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into the main discussion.

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Wet/Dry Vac Vs Carpet Cleaner-What’s The Difference?

There are some differences between wet/dry vac vs carpet cleaner, we have sorted out them. lets find them below:

Wet Dry Vac: What Is It?

If you are acquainted with vacuum cleaners, you already know that they use air suction to suck the filth or dirt into a container, and that container is disposed of later.

Now, a common question might arise, what is a wet dry vacuum cleaner?

Well, simply put, a wet-dry vac is a machine that can clean waste material that is wet or dry. That’s to say, a wet-dry vac uses air suction to clean out liquid waste and solid waste as well. 

As a result, this machine has a huge advantage compared to other ordinary vacuum cleaners. But, this type of vacuum cleaner tends to be a bit more expensive. So, it’s better to know their utility before you commit to purchasing one of these.

How A Wet Dry Vac Works:

This type of vacuum cleaner has a highly insulated container attached to it. So, even if liquid spills are sucked in by the machine, it cannot damage the electric machinery. Also, a wet-dry vac has a blower mode.

In the blower mode, you can use the machine’s power to blow air into a pile of waste. For example, if you want to blow out dust or leaves from a certain area, you can use the blower mode of a wet-dry vac to do this. You can also blow out snow, debris,  liquid waste, etc.

A wet dry vac is a perfect tool for cleaning up various items such as curtains, upholsteries, fireplace, carpets, floors, etc.

Furthermore, you don’t have to know rocket science to operate a wet-dry vac either. It’s just like driving or operating an ordinary vacuum cleaner. There are dedicated buttons for turning ON the suction mode or the blower mode. 

Plus, after you are done cleaning the wastes of your home, you can just safely remove the waste container and dispose of it later. So, it’s as easy as operating any other gadget.

Pros Of A Wet Dry Vac:

  • It has the power to suck in liquid and solid items.
  • The suction power is better than normal vacuum cleaners.
  • The waste disposal system is very effective.
  • It has high economic utility because it takes care of many types of wastes.

Cons Of A Wet Dry Vac:

  • Wet dry vacuum cleaners tend to be heavier than normal vacuum cleaners.
  • They are a bit more expensive than normal vacuum cleaners.
  • Liquid waste accumulation can cause severe bad smells.

Carpet Cleaner: What Is It?

Carpet cleaners are a special type of vacuum cleaners that have the ability to apply soap or detergent solutions on the carpet and suck out any deep-rooted dust, filth, and waste out of the carpet. 

They are specially designed to clean carpets only. As a result, they can reach into the deepest fiber channels and clean out any existing waste from the surface of each fiber of the carpet. 

Since it’s dedicated to cleaning carpets, you can’t really use it on other surfaces like floors, cabinets, tiles, etc. But, you still can use them on mats and other carpet-like objects. 

Sometimes normal vacuum cleaners are not enough to clean out the deeply engraved wastes in a carpet. That’s where these bad boys come into play. They have the ability to clean any type of waste from the surface of any type of carpet.

How A Carpet Cleaner Works:

Carpet cleaners have a special construction that puts them aside from normal vacuum cleaners. It’s got two compartments in its body. One compartment is for storing the cleaning solution. And, the other compartment is for the sucked-in wastes. 

Nowadays the cleaning solution for carpet cleaners can be found ready-made on the market. Or, you can make your own solution from detergents or other types of soap-based cleaning solutions.

Firstly, a carpet cleaner sprays out the cleaning solution on the fibers of the carpet. When the detergent is done detaching all the waste particles from the fibers, the carpet cleaner sucks in all the wastes along with the cleaning solution. 

The main advantage of this process is that you no longer have to separately wash your carpets. If you have a carpet cleaner, you can just get off by using the carpet cleaner on your carpets once a week.

Pros Of A Carpet Cleaner:

  • It’s the most efficient cleaner for carpets.
  • It has the ability to clean out the wastes even from the deeply hidden fibers in the carpet’s construction.
  • A carpet cleaner has the ability to dry out the carpet after cleaning it right away.

Cons Of A Carpet Cleaner:

  • If you overdo the cleaning with a carpet cleaner, your carpet can be permanently damaged.

Wet/Dry Vac Vs Carpet Cleaner: What’s Best For You? 

Now that you know all about wet dry vacs and carpet cleaners, it’s time to decide which one is best for you to buy. The decision is really not that hard to make. How is that? We have explained it in the below discussion:

If You Have A Fully Carpeted Floor:

If the floor of your house is fully carpeted, then it’s safe to say most of your dirt, dust, and wastes accumulate on the carpet’s surface. In cases like that, you’ll have a lot of carpet surfaces to clean every week. 

Furthermore, if you have kids in your home, then you’ve got to clean your carpets every 2 or 3 days. Now, in conditions like that, a carpet cleaner is the best gadget to buy. 

Even if you buy a wet-dry vacuum cleaner to clean your carpets, it won’t be adequate for the cleaning job. Why is that?

Well, carpet cleaners have the ability to apply cleaning solutions to the carpet and then suck in its wastes. But the wet-dry vacs cannot apply cleaning solutions to the carpet. 

Also, both the devices can suck in liquid wastes, But, only carpet cleaners can apply cleaning solutions and simultaneously suck in the wastes. This is why, if you have a fully carpeted floor, we recommend that you go for a carpet cleaner.

If Your Floor Is Not Fully Carpeted:

In case you don’t have a fully carpeted floor, we can assume that most of your waste accumulation occurs on surfaces of the floor, tiles, cabinets, mats, etc. In conditions like that, a wet-dry vac can be your best bet. 

As wet dry vac has the ability to suck in solid and liquid wastes, it can easily take care of the cleaning duty of your house.

Also, because most of the objects and surfaces in your home don’t require to be cleaned with a cleaning solution, the actions of a wet-dry vac are enough to clean them up. 

Even if you buy a carpet cleaner, in order to clean up items other than the carpet, you’ll have to buy a wet-dry vac anyway. This is why, if your floor is not fully carpeted, we recommend buying a wet-dry vac as it’s the better option for you.


Well, there you go, people. Now that you know the difference between a wet-dry vac and a carpet cleaner. We hope that this discussion on the topic “Wet/dry vac vs carpet cleaner” was helpful to you. 

As you have a sound idea of these two types of gadgets, which one do you think is best for you? Let me know in the comments section below.

In short, if you have a lot of carpets, you should buy a carpet cleaner. Otherwise, it’s better to go with a wet-dry vac machine. Anyway, whichever device you buy, now you can make an informed decision based on your particular needs. Best of luck in your days with your cleaning device. Have a nice day, thanks!!!

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